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Remodeled AI vs. Interior AI: Which is Right for You?

Published Jun 19, 2024

#interior design


Remodeled AI and Interior AI are cutting-edge platforms leveraging AI to transform the interior design process. Below is a comprehensive comparison to help you decide which platform better suits your needs.

Remodeled AI

Key Features

  1. Photorealistic Renders: Converts sketches and images into vivid, lifelike renders within seconds.
  2. Clean and Enhance:
    • Clean: Automatically removes unwanted items, people, or pets from images.
    • Enhance: Upscales and improves image quality, making photos sharper and more appealing.
  3. Smart Listings: Generates detailed and engaging property descriptions, perfect for real estate marketing.
  4. Virtual Staging: Virtually furnishes empty spaces to enhance real estate listings.
  5. User-Friendly Interface: Simple and intuitive, allowing users to easily upload images and select themes for instant transformations.


  • Ease of Use: Designed for users with any level of design experience, from novice to professional.
  • Speed: Offers quick transformations, ideal for real estate professionals needing high-quality visuals rapidly.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various applications, including real estate listings and home redesigns.

Interior AI

Key Features

  1. Wide Style Variety: Offers over 50 design styles, from modern to bohemian.
  2. Sketch2Image and SketchUp: Transforms sketches and 3D renders into photorealistic images.
  3. 3D Flythroughs: Creates immersive video tours of redesigned spaces.


  • Customization: Extensive style options for personalized designs.
  • Professional Tools: Features like Sketch2Image and 3D flythroughs cater to professional designers and real estate agents.
  • Immersive Experience: Provides a comprehensive design solution with 3D tours and a wide range of styles.

Feature Comparison Table

Feature Remodeled AI Interior AI
Photorealistic Renders
Clean (Remove Unwanted Items)
Enhance (Improve Image Quality)
Smart Listings
Virtual Staging
Wide Style Variety
3D Flythroughs
User-Friendly Interface
Professional Tools

Why Remodeled AI is the Compelling Choice

Remodeled AI stands out with its Clean and Enhance features, ensuring that your images are always pristine and high-quality. Its Smart Listings tool is invaluable for real estate professionals, automatically generating engaging and detailed property descriptions to boost marketing efforts. The platform’s ease of use and rapid transformation capabilities make it perfect for those needing quick, professional-grade results without extensive design knowledge.


Both Remodeled AI and Interior AI offer powerful tools for interior design. However, Remodeled AI provides unique features like image cleaning and enhancement, along with smart listing generation, making it the superior choice for real estate professionals and anyone needing fast, high-quality design transformations.

For more information, visit Remodeled AI and Interior AI.